Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's that time of the year again! The NHL Stanley cup Playoffs are about to begin!! Just like last year, I made a wallpaper of all the match-ups and will be updating with each rounds. Feel free to use it as your own, but please, give me credit.

EDIT: new resolution uploaded.


LDUTheCoach said...

The NHL Playoffs are among us and finally are the 8 match-ups are set. I can’t wait for the games to get underway. The Western Conference is so strong with seven teams who made it into the playoffs with 100 points or more. That is incredible! The Eastern Conference is not has strong with only four teams getting to 100+ Pts.

The NHL Playoffs are so much better than the regular season… much more fast paced, more action, and so much more on the line. For a preview and prediction of all match-ups go to: [URL=""]NHL Playoff Predictions: Round One Previews[/URL]
Who do you think will win it all? The Capitals dominated the East but anything can happen when the teams hit the ice. And what do you think will take place in the crazy Western Conference? I love it.

Didier Loubat said...

Hey nice work you got on your blog!

Didier Loubat

Didier Loubat said...

Nice work on your blog!

Didier Loubat

Yehuda said...

hey this is really good. can you please update it for round two?

Jonathan Jourdenais said...

well it has been update since the night round one was done.

thank you.


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